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Business Owner

Deborah Madison Muench, Ph.D., BCBA

Welcome to my practice.  In addition to being a clinical psychologist, I am also licensed as a board certified behavior analyst and school psychologist.  I have had over 30 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families.  I have worked in university counseling centers,  outpatient clinics,  hospitals and schools.  My training and experience allows me to treat my clients from multiple perspectives.


 I  particularly enjoy working with young adults, college students, graduate students, and people with autism.  I help my clients work through their problems and develop healthy coping strategies.  I also assist them with executive functioning weaknesses that impede learning and success. 


I specialize in treating anxiety disorders and mood disorders, as well as working with neuro-diverse individuals such as those with ADHD and autism.  I am trained in cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness techniques, social skills training, and emotional regulation skills. I have also studied strategies used by Navy Seals to develop mental toughness.

I want my clients not only to overcome their psychological barriers, but to experience joy in their lives. I do this by helping them to balance work and play, and incorporating life long self care habits such as meditation, relaxation techniques, positive thinking, and mindfulness routines into their day. 

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