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About Deborah Madison Muench, Ph.D., BCBA

Dr. Muench's passion for helping others has spanned over 30 years and has been the cornerstone of her career. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton. While at the State University of New York at Binghamton, Dr. Muench conducted research in the area of applied behavior analysis and autism.  She also spent two years working at the university counseling center where she developed a passion for working with college students, graduate students and young adults. She also provides therapy to individuals with autism.


Dr. Muench is trained in cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness techniques, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.  She is particularly skilled in working with anxiety and mood disorders.  If you need a place to talk through difficult situations or are in need of specific interventions for your emotional problems, Dr. Muench will work with you to meet your goals. Dr. Muench is one of a few clinical psychologists also licensed as a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and school psychologist. Her training allows her to evaluate and treat her clients from multiple perspectives and to make detailed recommendations regarding their needs.


Dr. Muench has also worked to support individuals with autism, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviors in private and public school settings, as well as in her private practice. She worked as a clinical director at the Groden Center, a non-profit school with day and residential programs for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. She was also the program director of the Development Disabilities Unit at Butler Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.  Dr. Muench also worked in a number of counseling centers. 



"I practice what I teach. Mindfulness techniques such as meditation, emotional regulation strategies, and strategies for mental toughness are not just for getting us through the problem we come to therapy for. They are a way of living that keeps us joyful, balanced, and at peace."  Dr. Muench

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