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Welcome to my practice. Mental health problems can diminish the quality of your life, but with the necessary support and tools, you can manage your difficulties with greater ease.  I strive to help each client to live their best life. In addition, in an effort to make my services accessible to many, I am in-network with a variety of insurance plans.

I treat children, teens, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, problems associated with autism, life transitions, difficulties managing emotions, stress management concerns, and relationship challenges. I provide a variety of empirically supported treatments that include cognitive behavior therapy, applied behavior analysis, supportive parenting, behavior activation, DBT, emotional regulation training, and mindfulness practices.

In addition to being a clinical psychologist, I am also licensed as a board certified behavior analyst and school psychologist. I am licensed in Massachusetts and Florida, as well as 37 other states through Psypact.  This enables me to work with clients in these states when they are traveling away from home or going to school out of state. 


My treatment approach is guided by scientific research and over 30 years of experience working with children, teens, adults and families. I worked in a university counseling center where I developed a passion for working with college and graduate students.  I also have specialized training in working with individuals with autism.  I have worked at outpatient clinics, hospitals, and schools. My training and experience allows me to treat my clients from multiple perspectives. 

Start feeling better now by reaching out for the help you need.

Virtual Appointments Available

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